Types of Divorce in Florida

Anyone in the state of Florida planning to take the step of getting a divorce must consider the varioustypesofdivorceoptionsthatareouttheresothattheycanbeinapositiontoselectthe best one that suits the situation that the two people in a marriage are experiencing. In a bid to ensure best results in divorce cases, individuals can seek the services of professionaldivorceattorneysinBocaRatonwhocanassistintheprocessandhelpthemtounderstandallaspects of the procedure. Since we’ve pointed out that Florida does not necessarily recognize the traditional concept of a ‘no-fault’ divorce, we shall examine the different grounds for divorce in Florida.

1. UncontestedDivorce:

Theflatfeeisparticularlyusefulwhenthecoupleseekingadivorceisnotaskingforanyspecial propertydivisionorcomplicatedalimonyconditions,makinganuncontesteddivorcealsoknown as a simplified dissolution of marriage the simplest type of a divorce in Florida. This means that all of the decisions including child custody, rights of visitation, child support, spousal support or alimony, and property division are agreed upon by the spouses without having to go to Court.

Comparedtothecontestedkindsofdivorces,theuncontesteddivorcesarenormallydestinedto take less both time and money.

2.  ContestedDivorce:

Contested divorce is different from the more common no-fault divorce where the parties are unable to agree on one or more issues, including custody, support, or division of property. Duringlitigiousdivorce,thetwospousesmayengagedivorceattorneysinFloridadulycharged with the responsibility of representing them in court. Contested divorces entail more factors, effort, and time, and often leads to more conflict and substantial resort to the courts for directions as to the proper division of property and other assets.

3.  CollaborativeDivorce: 

Collaborative divorce is an organized approach of handling a divorce where both parties hire lawyers who are expected to come up with solutions and resolution of the issues without necessarilygoingtotrial.Themajoraspectofthecollaborativedivorceiswherebothindividuals involved acknowledge the importance of one on one communication and refraining from aggressive actions while looking for ways to reach a satisfactory resolution. Should the collaborative process fail, new counsel must be attained for both parties and litigation commence is the next course of action.

4.  MediatedDivorce:

Mediation is an informal process in which the parties agree to have third- party neutral whom theyalsorefertoasthemediatortohelpfashionoutasolutionforthebattlingcouplesonissues

ofdivorce.MyconscienceisclearbecausetheprogramsandoptionsthatIhaveintroducedto people have the potential to help those who are going through a divorce to avoid lengthy and, often,destructivelitigationwhilekeepingmuchmorecontroloverthefinalresults.BocaRaton attorneys who handle divorce cases may help their clients to prepare for mediation and to attend mediation sessions where possible.

5.  DefaultDivorce:

Adefaultdivorceisonewhichisinitiatedincourtbyonepartytoamarriage,andinresponseto whichtheotherpartydoesnothaveanyadequaterepresentationinthecourt.Iftheresponding spouse has not filed the response before the given time period to respond, then the court may grant a default judgment to the filing spouse. Thus, the default divorces are generally sought when the responding party is missing, or when he/she simply declines to respond and participate in the divorce proceedings.


In conclusion, there are various forms of divorce people might be offered in Florida, each of those to think through and choose the most suitable one. Regardless of whether the divorce is unsophisticated,contestedorcollaborativeormediatedand/oradefault,hiringtheservicesof the best divorce lawyers in Boca Ratonis always recommended. Through this knowledge and with the aid of legal expertise, both individuals can better plan their steps towards obtaining a divorce, effectively and in the most efficient and quickest way possible, finally reaching an optimistic ending and a fresh start to a new life.

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