From Celebs To Crypto: BlockDAG Soars To $51.1M Presale Amid GameStop And Woes

Recent events have seen’s market forecasts weaken following a key merger, while GameStop’s stock has suffered a significant fall.

On the flip side, BlockDAG shines brightly with a meteoric rise in its presale to $51.1M, thanks to endorsements from high-profile influencers, innovative presentations, and the pioneering X1 mining app that lets users mine cryptocurrency on their smartphones, grabbing the crypto community’s focus.’s Market Predictions: A Turnaround Anticipated After a 24% Slide’s value dropped 4% in a single day and 24% over the week, now trading at $1.60 amid increased activity. This downturn follows the merger of with Ocean Protocol and SingularityNET on June 13, with a renaming of the $FET token to $ASI on June 11.

Prices have been on a downward trend since May, slipping past the lower edge of the wedge pattern. Despite current downward pressures and heavy sell-offs, as indicated by an RSI below 30, market optimists are eyeing a pivot at the $1.56 support point. If this pivot holds, could climb to $1.9, aligning with the 50-day SMA.

GameStop’s Stock Crashes 62% Off Its Recent High

GameStop’s (GME) stock continues its downward spiral, plummeting 12% on Monday after a 40% dive on Friday, closing at $24.89. This marks a 62% drop from its high of $61, similarly affecting meme tokens that track GME’s performance, with a Solana-based GME token plunging 25% to $0.01624 following a 200% rise the week before.

The company’s market cap now sits at $112.21 million, with trading volumes reaching $110.14 million in 24 hours. Other related tokens, such as Roaring Kitty (KITTY) and various themed tokens, saw declines ranging from 4% to 10%. This turbulence began in late May, sparked by retail trader Keith Gill’s significant GME holdings and corporate actions that shook investor confidence.

BlockDAG’s Presale Climbs as Crypto Experts Applaud the Platform

BlockDAG’s presale numbers are soaring, significantly driven by support from leading cryptocurrency experts. This backing has broadened its reach, leading to a notable performance in its presale. In a recent broadcast, cryptocurrency authority Dapp Centre heralded BlockDAG as an outstanding investment, calling it the “Polygon killer.”

The expert emphasized its DAG architecture, enabling simultaneous transaction processing, and a proof-of-work consensus mechanism that ensures security, reliability, and decentralization. The influencer also commended the first keynote presentation in Tokyo, which gave deep insights into its projects and products.

He also spotlighted the second keynote, aired from the moon, which outlined BlockDAG’s key achievements, accolades from Forbes and Bloomberg, endorsements from prominent crypto figures, over 50 development updates, and upcoming releases including a DOXing video and a development documentary.

The presentation also introduced the energy-efficient X1 mining app, a breakthrough in mobile mining, transforming smartphones into robust BDAG coin mining devices. With X1, individuals can mine up to 20 BDAG daily, equivalent to $1 at BDAG’s initial launch price of $0.05, potentially reaching $20 daily as BDAG approaches $1.

Final Thoughts

While grapples with a downward trend, its recent merger could trigger a market turnaround. GameStop’s shares reflect the volatility typical of meme stocks.

In contrast, BlockDAG is riding high with its impressive presale achievements, reaching $51.1M, and the innovative X1 mining app that allows phone-based crypto mining. With recognition from leading publications and strong influencer support, BlockDAG is poised to become a major force in the cryptocurrency landscape.

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