Aircon Installation Services in Singapore: Everything You Should Know

Even though air conditioning systems are now important household equipment, it is well acknowledged that installing them is difficult and needs the aid of a professional aircon installation service in Singapore firm

Faulty installation of the air conditioning unit might lead to several issues in the long term. These items are costly, necessitating specialized service providers such as Techtimia. As a renowned aircon servicing & repair Singapore company in the HVAC sector, you can completely rely on them for all your air conditioning needs, including maintenance or upkeep. 

Important Factors to take care when installing an air conditioner

It is no surprise that working while sweating buckets is quite uncomfortable. As a result, Techtimia Engineering Pte. Ltd constantly prioritizes excellent aircon installation, which we feel is essential for a long-lasting air conditioner, and offers aircon service in Singapore 24 hours.

So, if you are thinking of putting an air conditioning unit in your house, there are a few things to consider to prevent having to replace the complete unit later, which would be unnecessary and expensive.

To begin, you must understand that installing an air conditioning unit must be done carefully to avoid more costly complications. It is recommended to use a professional local aircon installation business instead of doing it yourself, which is an efficient long-term cost-cutting.

  • Room Size

More often than not, a larger room is not necessarily beneficial when it comes to air conditioning usage. Larger air conditioners are not required to cool smaller spaces, and vice versa. So, before you install an air conditioner, you must contact an aircon service Singapore company first. They will calculate the total space to estimate the horsepower you require.

All air conditioners have a standard British Thermal Unit (BTU) rating that measures their cooling performance. To calculate a room’s BTU, multiply its surface area by 35. Other variables influence a room’s BTU. If the room receives afternoon sunshine, add 10% to the total cost. 

  • Noise Level Consideration

Calming, peaceful solitude is required for good sleep. Avoid noisy windows or portable air conditioners in favour of split models. Noise is an important factor to consider when determining which air conditioning brand is best for you, as some air conditioners make a lot of noise when functioning. 

Air conditioners with a noise level of 50-60 dB or less are always the better option. Make sure to inquire with the air conditioning firm about the noise produced. A loud air conditioner might interrupt your work and sleep. 

If your air conditioner makes a lot of noise at first, it will get louder with time, putting a bigger dent in your pocketbook with all the maintenance and repairs necessary.

How much does an aircon installation in Singapore cost?

On average, installing two air conditioning units in a studio apartment costs roughly $2500. The minimum cost of air conditioning installation in Singapore is $5,000 for larger or upgraded systems, such as four air conditioning units for a three-bedroom home with one living room.

The frequency and kind of maintenance needed are mostly dictated by the quality of the air conditioning installation. Even if the AC has good ratings, bad installation will result in recurrent costs. 

Before buying an air conditioner, find out how frequently it must be serviced and maintained. You can also contact your AC service Singapore provider on when you should get your air conditioner.

How Long Does Air Conditioning Installation Take?

The aircon installation method varies greatly depending on the installation scale. Our experience has shown that it takes between 3 and 6 hours on average. If you engage a professional crew to install your air conditioner in your home or business, the procedure will be more fluid and efficient.

Get different price estimates for AC service in Singapore

In other circumstances, you are unaware of the scope of the work required or simply how much a service or repair would cost. As a result, it is usually a good idea to receive a price from an air conditioning service before making any decisions. On that topic, receiving a quotation from Techtima, the aircon contractors in Singapore is simple! That is why it is advisable to speak with an aircon servicing business to verify that you are installing the correct air conditioner. 

Which Air Conditioner Brand Is Best in Singapore?

Finding a model that meets your preferences and makes your environment more comfortable. The durability feature is important since it allows for frequent replacement and maintenance. Before investing in a piece of essential household equipment, you should think about its lifespan. 

As the most experienced aircon installation Singapore business, Techtimia Engineering Pte. Ltd  will give professional advice and immediately address your issues and anxieties since they have vast knowledge of all the finest aircon brands on the market and will propose what is best for you. Before committing to an air conditioning installation, homeowners should take note of and leverage the warranty agreement.


Your air conditioner should be installed and maintained by a licensed expert. If the first stage of installing an air conditioner is done incorrectly, it can lead to a slew of costly problems. Techtimia Engineering Pte. Ltd offers comprehensive commercial aircon service in Singapore with total transparency. If additional aircon troubles emerge, Techtimia Engineering Pte. Ltd provides a variety of aircon services.  

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